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Warning be prepared for gushing ahead……………

Still coming down from the wonderful experience of  Art Is You Queensland retreat two weeks ago…. having attended art retreats in the past and not coming away from them positively, I was not prepared to have one of the best times of my life with these kindred spirits.

Not only was the retreat, organised down to the last detail and my classes with Jane Davenport were everything you would expect but I came away with friends that feel like you have had for a lifetime.   I actually meet some for the first time but have known online for 10 plus years!!!!

I have to congratulate Sallianne and her team for their efforts in putting this retreat together.  Without them we would not have had the opportunity to learn from these talented artists.

I have taken many, many of Jane’s classes online :)) and in person and I always get so much out of watching her create.  I knew this wouldn’t be any exception.  Two days were spent amongst my pencils and paints.  Above is some of the work from my Mermaid storybook in progress.


Many giggles and antics were had as well….  Jane, Geri, Cathie, Monika and Coral nearly had me wetting my pants in laughter with their stories.   Fun, fun night girls!!!!!!


Looking to 2015 when we get to do this all over again, if you have the chance to come , take my word for it you wont regret it.

Jo xx


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  1. I’m the same – have had awful experiences at retreats too. Loved the atmosphere at Art Is You. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. And funny!! So awesome to meet you in person after being side by side in print a hundred years ago. Can’t wait for the next one. And the one after. And the one after….


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