106 resize its no secret that I have a love for all things watersoluble art materials…. ive stumbled upon a few ways to store them that I wanted to share with you

My epic spinning palette from Robax…. when i saw this it was love at first sight….  I refer to the colour wheel a lot when I paint backgrounds so its prefect that you can set this palette up like the colour wheel….. and did I mention it spins??? 103 resize for travel I love the empty metal palettes you can buy from several different companies, great for travel, can mix out the pans as you please and has a handy mixing area ….  have set one up with just skin colours the dot cards by Daniel Smith (my all time favourite watercolour) are a really compact way to travel with watercolour 107 resize have just come across these old playing card plastic holders that ive converted into pan storage… they are clear so you can see names of colours without opening and compact enough to travel with 105 resize  

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