Hello hello 2016…. The first half of the christmas/new year holidays feels like its gone by so fast.

I ended the year with my second project for Luluart using my favourite supply of all time, Neocolor Crayons, they are just so versatile…. I heart them!!!!!  You can see the post here or im storing them in my videos tab where my to come videos will be 😃.  Yep you heard right, who would have thought a leap with the design team would reveal how much i enjoy making videos of my creations.


Just for fun i did a little video on my instagram, another way to use Neocolor here its inspired by something similar that @kileyinkentucky does with tombows, her calligraphy is amazing!!

Still working on the 30 day challenge, with the holiday season i may have to stretch it out to 60 days hahaa, i also found a cute use for this holder i made (from my days of rust dying fabric) These days i just hoard the fabric 😀


So up next im working on a set up video of my leather journals to share with you guys, if your interested please subscribe to my youtube channel so you dont miss the fun!!!

Look forward to sharing with you in 2016, 

Jo xx


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