Warning this may be a bit woo woo and gushy :))

Its been a week since Art Is You Noosa 2016 wrapped up and as with the first time around in 2014 its left me feeling so validated, empowered and downright full of inspiration.  So blessed to have met this wonderful family of artists, kick butt organisers and gifted tutors!!!

All my classes for the duration were with Kecia Deveney….. I was not expecting to learn so much about myself and my art process along with learning some of her techniques.  As a natural planner she had me pegged from day one :))  The first two days in Art Brut took me far out of my comfort zone with intuitive painting and using black (gasp) into making decisions quickly and not planning in painting and Chimerical doll making.  Thank you Kecia for pushing me and all of your kindness even while under the weather ….. my new mantra will forevermore be “black is the new clown”    xxx

My painting in progress from 2 Day Art Brut Workshop

I also took a bit of a leap off the edge and displayed some of my artwork at stallholder night, let me tell you I was feeling the nerves setting up!!!!  Thank you to all for your encouragement, kind words and support…..  I’m not one with the words at times but I hope you know it means the world (stay tuned for etsy store restock)

Many huge hugs and thanks to Sallianne and the team….. for without her this all wouldn’t be possible, I hope you know how much we appreciate and heart you hard ❤️


So with all that being said between work and mummy duty, its been a blur of creativity back here in muse studio….. lots of painting and clay clowny monsters to come

xx Jo



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  1. Privileged o be a part of your amazing weekend. However you are as awesome as anyone you may have met. You did keep me in laughter all weekend and I had an absolutely wonderful and memorable time. Thank you for being such a down to earth awesome woman. xxx

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