Big news…… ive spent sometime adding some josies muse items to my shop.  Until 20 November, 2017 everything is 20% off!

PicMonkey Collage-2

Hello there friends!!!!  Another week and another video is up on my youtube channel…. so proud of what ive put forward over on the channel already and so incredibly overwhemled with the love and support ive received from you all :))

So this one is all about how i journal, its a little non conventional but it works for me…. i love that many of you have already looked into getting your own TN beastie joural… we shall have an army of them before we know it!!



Enjoy xx



Hello friends!  I have to admit i have been super neglectful of my blog in many months, no excuses really but having better tech is certainly changing my life and making this much less time consuming and more enjoyable (trying really hard to manage my time much better)

I did however have a little crisis of faith in my creative abilities, thanks to some over opinionated craft show goers….. flash foward several months of doing litterally nothing creative and im back in full swing….. that creative fire is well lit :))

So whats up in muse world?  I have been drawing and watercolouring like a man woman (see some of inside the journal pages above)….. i am working on a book, yes you heard right!  So very excited and enjoying working on this at a slow pace.  I love the taking the time it needs idea, character development and all that good stuff.  Think Zine ish style but with a handmade not mass produced feel (or thats what im going for anyway)  Stay tuned on my Instagram and Facebook for updates on my progress.



I have been super into beautiful beasties, bunnies and crazy critters of late (hint hint for the book) ….. I have also taken the time to make my first time lapse for my youtube channel!  I’d love to know what you think and if you would like to see more of these in the future…. because in my current mojo i have a whole list of video topics id like to do if you friends are into it?


Thank you for stopping by and embracing my weird!

Jo xx

Warning this may be a bit woo woo and gushy :))

Its been a week since Art Is You Noosa 2016 wrapped up and as with the first time around in 2014 its left me feeling so validated, empowered and downright full of inspiration.  So blessed to have met this wonderful family of artists, kick butt organisers and gifted tutors!!!

All my classes for the duration were with Kecia Deveney….. I was not expecting to learn so much about myself and my art process along with learning some of her techniques.  As a natural planner she had me pegged from day one :))  The first two days in Art Brut took me far out of my comfort zone with intuitive painting and using black (gasp) into making decisions quickly and not planning in painting and Chimerical doll making.  Thank you Kecia for pushing me and all of your kindness even while under the weather ….. my new mantra will forevermore be “black is the new clown”    xxx

My painting in progress from 2 Day Art Brut Workshop

I also took a bit of a leap off the edge and displayed some of my artwork at stallholder night, let me tell you I was feeling the nerves setting up!!!!  Thank you to all for your encouragement, kind words and support…..  I’m not one with the words at times but I hope you know it means the world (stay tuned for etsy store restock)

Many huge hugs and thanks to Sallianne and the team….. for without her this all wouldn’t be possible, I hope you know how much we appreciate and heart you hard ❤️


So with all that being said between work and mummy duty, its been a blur of creativity back here in muse studio….. lots of painting and clay clowny monsters to come

xx Jo



Hello hello 2016…. The first half of the christmas/new year holidays feels like its gone by so fast.

I ended the year with my second project for Luluart using my favourite supply of all time, Neocolor Crayons, they are just so versatile…. I heart them!!!!!  You can see the post here or im storing them in my videos tab where my to come videos will be 😃.  Yep you heard right, who would have thought a leap with the design team would reveal how much i enjoy making videos of my creations.


Just for fun i did a little video on my instagram, another way to use Neocolor here its inspired by something similar that @kileyinkentucky does with tombows, her calligraphy is amazing!!

Still working on the 30 day challenge, with the holiday season i may have to stretch it out to 60 days hahaa, i also found a cute use for this holder i made (from my days of rust dying fabric) These days i just hoard the fabric 😀


So up next im working on a set up video of my leather journals to share with you guys, if your interested please subscribe to my youtube channel so you dont miss the fun!!!

Look forward to sharing with you in 2016, 

Jo xx


Beyond excited here at Josie’s Muse…..  My first video as part of the Luluart Design Team is ready!!!                It has taken a lot of not overthinking and putting on my brave pants to take this step so would very much appreciate your liking, sharing and supportive feedback as I take this new step 😀

Head over to Luluart to see my video

While I have my brave pants on …. Have set a goal to get prints of my artwork up for sale by years end so keep an eye out

Jo xx

106 resize its no secret that I have a love for all things watersoluble art materials…. ive stumbled upon a few ways to store them that I wanted to share with you

My epic spinning palette from Robax…. when i saw this it was love at first sight….  I refer to the colour wheel a lot when I paint backgrounds so its prefect that you can set this palette up like the colour wheel….. and did I mention it spins??? 103 resize for travel I love the empty metal palettes you can buy from several different companies, great for travel, can mix out the pans as you please and has a handy mixing area ….  have set one up with just skin colours the dot cards by Daniel Smith (my all time favourite watercolour) are a really compact way to travel with watercolour 107 resize have just come across these old playing card plastic holders that ive converted into pan storage… they are clear so you can see names of colours without opening and compact enough to travel with 105 resize